Both Doctors are excellent and the staff is very friendly and efficient. I drive out of my way to see both Dr. Lim because he is worth it. He really cares about his patients and builds rapport. He keeps does a great job calming his patients with humor, and has superior confidence, knowledge and very fast and efficient. What sets him apart is that he really cares for his patients. I recommend him to everyone. – Greg L.

I couldn’t be happier that I found a good dentist, AT LAST! Not only is the staff amazing, The doctors are as well. This is my third dentist in Ashburn and it’s nice to finally find a respectable place of business that doesn’t try to rip you off, that go above your expectations and try to save your tooth instead of doing what is best for their pockets. I highly recommend them and I will be bringing my family here as well. – Tanya T.

I am very grateful for Ashburn Divine Dental because their level of integrity, care, professionalism and perfection are factors that stand out by far. They are incredibly thorough, they seek out the best in their equipment and technology and they are also incredibly hygienic.  I had a couple major procedures done with them, and I left very refreshed at their level of professionalism and transparency (about the procedures), and was glad I went with them. You leave with the knowledge that they did their best to make sure you had the best possible experience and outcome. – Tinah H.

Like most people, I dread visiting the dentist, but immediately upon arriving at Divine Dental I was put at ease. Seriously – it was the most pleasant dentist appointment I’ve ever had. No wait at all, super friendly and genuine dentists and staff, clean facilities. All of their equipment is new and up-to-date, so the cleaning was far removed from the bone-chilling teeth-scraping I remember from childhood. Also – and the reason I made an appointment here in the first place – they have Saturday hours. I had called other dentists in the area first to try to find a time that would fit in with my schedule, and I had been offered appointments for months later – here, I got a Saturday slot for the next day. I highly recommend Dr. Lim, and as his wife Dr. Lin specializes in pediatric dentistry, I plan to take my own baby girl here soon as well! – Laura M.

I chose this office because of it’s convenient location and it took my insurance. I was impressed by the modern decor, state of the art equipment, and the doctors are very friendly. My first appointment for a cleaning and exam with Dr. Lim was easy and painless. He has a humorous personality,  kept me at ease, and was very meticulous and efficient with the cleaning. One of the concerns about my teeth was that they were shifting after having had braces for two years in high school. I decided to go for Invisalign express, after finding out they offer it in office. Five months later, I have my retainers and am very excited about my new straighter smile. This office listens to your needs, works with your schedule (they have weekend hours), and guaranteed, you will leave with a huge, bright smile! – Alica K.

If you value your teeth like me then you will pay these guys a visit.  I’m military and have to deal with not so great dentists at times.  I needed a bridge and was told that I’d have to wait 1 month to get impressions and 2 months for the bridge…NO!   I then was referred to Ashburn Divine Dental and Dr. Lim and Dr. Lin scheduled me to come in 2 days later.  They made a temp bridge that surpassed the one I came in with from my other dentist and when it came to the impressions, I could appreciate Dr. Lim’s patience, cause he took his time until it was perfect…how perfect might you ask?  When the permanent bridge came back ready to be cemented in, it DID NOT require any adjustments.  Great Dentists/Staff/Lab + a nice updated office with all the right equipment =  An Environment for Success!   Check em out! – Kevin P.

I had a mildly aching tooth for several weeks which progressively and quite quickly worsened. I had been looking for a dentist in the area and found Ashburn Divine Dental through many strong recommendations. I was not disappointed.  I had my initial appointment with Dr Lim and he explained to me in a way that I could understand, the process that was required to get my crown lengthened and that I might possibly need a root canal. The following days my tooth (#18) became unbearably painful. Probably the worst unrelenting pain I had ever felt not alleviated by pain medicine. I had a sleepless night. Had to work the next day and mentioned this to Dr Lim who told me that I probably did need a root canal at that point and that I should schedule an appointment with an endodontist. I made the appointment. By the middle of the day at work the pain was so bad he told me that he would be willing to see me when I got off at 7pm!  I don’t like to inconvenience people but I did not think I could go one more night so I humbly accepted his offer. I met him and he quickly numbed me and started a root canal process which at the end brought tremendous pain relief!! I was so thankful for him. His willingness to go out of his way to help me. I slept so well that night and thanked him again for everything. I still have a couple more followups but as of now, I’m 100% improved. Dr Lim has a great sense of humor and bedside manner. Makes you feel very comfortable even amidst times of pain and anxiety. He thoroughly explains everything clearly and concisely and answered all my questions.  I live about 45min away but don’t hesitate to say that it’s worth the drive. Definite recommendation to anyone in or out of the area looking for quality family dental care! – James R.

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