Bitten Lip/Tongue/Cheek

When you are numb, you must be careful not to chew your lip, cheek or tongue. You won’t feel it when you do it, but you will be sore after the numbness wears off! That’s why it’s important for parents to watch their children carefully until the numbness goes away.

What do I do if my child bites their lip, tongue or cheek?
If the area is bleeding, put a piece of ice inside a clean washcloth and apply it to the bleeding area with mild pressure. This should stop the bleeding and reduce the swelling. If the area is just sore, use a warm salt water rinse (dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water) to aid in healing. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, please call the office. Our doctors are on-call 24-7.